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Lekkerli? What's that?

A Lekkerli is a small treat for your dog, that is - well - lekker. The word is derived from the Swiss-German word Leckerli, which means the same, just for humans.

Lekkerlis are a great means to teach your dog, as it is so lekker, your dog can't wait to get the next one. There is no reason for you to hesitate giving your dog one more Lekkerli: They only contain natural ingredients, no salt, no strong spices.

We produce Lekkerlis in various flavours. Some dogs are real gourmets, enjoying diversity and surprise. Most dogs tend to stick to one flavour after they tried them all. We cater for each of them.

Liver Drops

Liver Drops

Our Liver-Drops are made of cereals and fresh poultry liver. No spices or preservatives, of course. The aromatic smell of liver makes them particularly attractive to almost all dogs.

Cheesy Dreams

Cheesy Dreams

The number 2 hit for fine noses! Cheese is a most attractive ingredient for many dogs. Again, no spices or preservatives used, only cheese and healthy cerals.

Give feedback!

Dogs expect to be rewarded for everything they do well. A Lekkerli whenever your dog did it right gives a positive and motivating feedback. Dogs learn much faster if they receive a reward for good behaviour.

Try it!



The 2015 catalog with new and exciting accessories for your dog will be available in due time, so watch this space!

If you cannot wait that long, send us an e-mail and we will personally inform you of all the new things your dog can look Coool in this winter!

Rainy Days Crate Cover

Don't forget your Rainy Days Crate Cover for your dogs crate. Slip it over the crate and your dog will stay dry and happy. Order early for the even more rainy days...